Emergency Planning Management, INC.

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Medical products and

EPM provides sought after and requested medical, dental, laboratory, and hospital products and supplies to several various agencies of our Federal government.

  • Medical, dental, laboratory, and hospital products, supplies, furnishings, and equipment
  • Medical computing systems and components
  • Electrical equipment and materials
  • Textiles, diagnostic tools, surgical, and mobility supplies

EPM’s extensive line of vendors and materials allows us to provide agencies competitive pricing and on-time, short notice delivery.

  • Consumables and general healthcare supplies
  • Home health care mobility,bath safety, and personal care products
  • Pain management and hot/cold products
  • Dialysis equipment, dialyzers,and related disposable products

  • Emergency Planning Management, Inc.
  • Buckeye, Arizona
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Collection Services are currently on-hold due to the unforeseen and unexpected challenges our country is currently addressing with the Coronavirus.

Our Collection Services are expected to resume operations in the foreseeable future and this link will become active when they do resume. Thank you for your patience and understanding.